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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

South Korean Ambassador Bids Farewell to DPM Keat Chhon

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H.E. Mr. Chang Hojin bids farewell to DPM Keat Chhon at the Ministry of Economy and Finance on 23 January 2012. DPM Keat Chhon expressed his satisfaction for the cooperation between the two countries on loans, private sectors as well as the technical cooperation. According to Mr. Por Yutha, the Deputy Director of Investment and International Cooperation Department, for the last 10 years, Korea’s loans for Cambodia have reached 341 million USD for the implementation of 12 development projects, concentrating on 4 main priorities: infrastructure, irrigation system, human resource training and hydropower. Of 341 million USD, 55% cover infrastructure sector and the rest is for irrigation and human resource projects and other projects. Besides, Korea also grants financial aid in economic cooperation framework through KOICA and has pledged to enhance this cooperation for the sake of Cambodia’s development. Additionally, we also have a new sector which is securities and exchange market, the first step under Korea’s assistance. DPM profoundly thanked to the Ambassador for his active diplomatic mission in Cambodia and Korean people and government for its financial and technical supports and hoped that Korea will still continue to assist Cambodia in all sectors. 

(Rasmei Kam.) 


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