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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) To Help Cambodia

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Koh Santepheap, Vol.40, #6139, 8-9.9.2007

Phnom Penh: The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is an institution overseen by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is in charge of providing assistance to developing countries. Its activities consist of cooperation by sending human resources, such as Korean experts and volunteers, and by inviting trainees to study in Korea. The program of cooperation for development includes support for development of education and for different other projects.

This time, KOICA sent eight Korean volunteers to Cambodia with many skills, such as seven teachers of the Korean language and a nurse. All of them arrived in Cambodia on 30 June 2007 via Bangkok, flight TG 698 at 7:25 p.m. They will start working as volunteers from 20 October 2007 until 28 April 2009, separately in different provinces and towns, such as Kompong Cham, Kompong Thom, Sihanoukville, etc.

The volunteers are:

  1. Mr. Hong Hyun Tae, a teacher of the Korean language, to help the Takeo Vocational Center

  2. Ms. Ryu Jin Joo, a teacher of the Korean language, to help the Sihanoukville Department of Tourism

  3. Ms. Han Eun-Jung, a teacher of the Korean language, to help the Sihanoukville Vocational Center

  4. Ms. Lee Jin-Gon, a teacher of the Korean language, to help the Kampot Vocational Center

  5. Ms. Yu Ji-Na, a teacher of the Korean language, to help the Kompong Cham Vocational Center

  6. Ms. Oh Ji-Sun, a teacher of the Korean language, to help the Kompong Thom Vocational Center

  7. Ms. Yun Mi Kyeong, a teacher of the Korean language, to help the Svay Rieng Vocational Center

  8. Ms. Kim Kyoung Ae, a nurse, to help the Kampot Referral Hospital

Since the sending of five volunteers for the first time on 8 January 2004, including three volunteers for information technology, one for sports, and another for tourism, until now KOICA has sent 140 Korean volunteers who have been working in 28 institutions and organizations in Cambodia. These days, there are Korean volunteers working as doctors, nurses, information technology people, fashion designers, sports instructors, etc. Half the numbers of all volunteers are doing their work in Phnom Penh. The rest are in institutions separately in different provinces of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

This Korean organization expects that through the activities of all volunteers, who serve in institutions of the Royal Government, in other organizations, schools, faculties, and companies, the friendship between the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Republic of Korea can be strengthened and good cooperation can be developed.



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