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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The KOICA’s grant aid Building, Maternal and Child Medical Center (MCMC) at Siem Reap Province has completed 90 per cent of the construction

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KOICA News Release: trainslation from local websites 
DAP News, http://www.dap-news.com/
Sunday, 16 December, 2012.

Siem Reap: In order to complement with the needs of the qualified health services for the people in the province and in the region, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), has helped and built the Maternal and Child Medical Center (MCMC) with total grant aid of 3.3 million USD that has already completed 90 per cent for the construction.

At the afternoon of 15 December, 2012, H.E Park Dae-Won, President of KOICA and the delegations met and discussed with Mr. Kros Sarath, Director of Siem Reap Provincial Health Department and Director of the Hospital about the construction progress of the MCMC building that has completed with the result of 90 per cent for the construction and also check on the continuation of the preparation of the medical equipment installation and the support on the operation process of this center.

H.E Park Dae-Won, KOICA President has expressed the satisfaction feeling and admiration to the construction of this center that has the high quality and following with the expected plan. In addition, this building has the high standard which will give more advantage to Cambodian people, especially the people at Siem Reap Province and the nearby regions.

H.E Park Dae-Won hopes that the relevant officials will manage and make use of the building with the high quality and effectiveness which include the good sanitation as well as the protecting of the building in order to serve as the benefit in strengthening the health sector to the people. This project will continue to support the cooperation in serving for the installation of the medical equipments and also support the process of the operation of the center and the capacity building of the officials, staffs, nurses and the doctors.

Mr. Kros Sarath, Director of Provincial Health Department had express his sincere thank to His Excellency KOICA President, the Korean government and Korean people that help and provide the support for the construction of the MCMC building in Siem Reap Referral Hospital. Mr. Kros Sarath has promised to make a better preparation, management, and usage in protecting this building and make it to serve the benefit of the people in Siem Reap Province and in the region as well.

Noticeably, this MCMC building has three floors which estimated to take 14 months for the completion of the construction, and it will be finished on 31 January, 2013. This KOICA’s grant aid building is built by Kim Mex Construction & Investment Co. Ltd. with the amount of grant aid, 1.8 million USD, and the total expense on this project is around 3.3 million USD which includes the installation of the medical equipments as well as the support of the operation process and the help in strengthening of the capacity building of the officials, staffs, nurses and doctor.     /End/


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