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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Japan Provides US$92 Million in Loan for Water Supply Expansion Project in Siem Reap

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Japan Provides US$92 Million in Loan for Water Supply Expansion Project in Siem Reap

AKP Phnom Penh, December 27, 2011 –

The Government of Japan has pledged to extend JPY7,161,000,000 (approximately equivalent to US$ 92,000,000) in loan to the Royal Government of Cambodia to implement the Siem Reap Water Supply Expansion Project.

The pledge was made by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan in response to the request from the Royal Government of Cambodia and with a view to strengthening friendly and cooperative relations between Japan and the Kingdom of Cambodia and also to promoting the economic development efforts of the Royal Government of Cambodia, said a press release from the Embassy of Japan issued today.
With the interest rate of 0.01 percent per annum, the loan will be repaid in 40 years including 10 years of grace period, it pointed out. 

In recent years, the water demand in Siem Reap has been increasing rapidly along with the expansion of tourism industry and commercial activities. 

According to the press release, this project is to expand the Siem Reap water supply system in order to produce 60,000m³ clean water per day by constructing water intake facilities from Tonle Sap Lake, a water treatment plant and transmission and distribution pipelines of 217 kilometers. Human resource development for the operation and maintenance of the water supply system will also be provided for Sien Reap Water Supply Authority by this project.

The Government of Japan provided in 2004 around US$14 million to support the project for Improvement of Water Supply System in Siem Reap Town by which water supply system with a capacity to produce 8,000 m³ of clean water per day and distribution pipelines of 25,843 meters were constructed, it added.

By KHAN Sophirom


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