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Monday, December 6, 2010

[KOICA Press Release]

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Phnom Penh, December 7, 2010



Siem Reap: Ministry of Environment and KOICA Cambodia Office launched a two-day Workshop on Feasibility Study on Construction of Sanitary Waste Landfill in Siem Reap on December 7~8, 2010, under the presidency of H.E. PRACH Sun, Secretary of State, Ministry of Environment with the participation of Dr. Shin Eui Cheol, Representative of KOICA Cambodia Office and other government officials of the Ministry of Environment and Siem Reap Governerate.

The purpose of the workshop was to (1) strengthen the mutual relationship between Cambodia and Korea by developing the environmental cooperation project, (2) share relevant information on the results of the feasibility study, (3) finally consider any possible ways of implementing the construction of a sanitary landfill plant in Siem Reap.

Also, this two-day workshop shared the results of waste management policy of Korea and Cambodia, landfill management technologies of Korea, and environmental development cooperation project in the future.

Dr. Shin Eui Cheol, Representative of KOICA Cambodia Office, said that this project would put a cornerstone of starting the construction of a sanitary landfill plant in Siem Reap that could improve the living condition of Cambodian people and contribute to mitigating the environmental waste pollution.

In his remarks, H.E. Prach Chan, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Environment expressed his satisfaction regarding the enthusiasm displayed by the project to work in the area of sanitation waste landfill.

KOICA signed Record of Discussions (RoD) and Term of References (ToR) with Ministry of Environment on February, 2010 to provide US$ 250,000 to the Ministry of Environment of Cambodia. That was grant aid of the Korean government through the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). The Terms of References (ToR) mentioned that the project would conduct an inventory survey on the sources, volume of generation, collection and/or treatment of household waste, complete the feasibility study for the successful implementation of the sanitary waste landfill and enhance the waste treatment capability of the policy makers and government officials in Cambodia.

Be noted that the amount of Grant Aid volume to Cambodia has been sharply increased from 7 million dollars in 2009 to 13.6 million dollars in 2010. In addition, the amount of Grant Aid volume through KOICA to Cambodia was 66 million dollars from 1991-2010.


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