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Friday, March 26, 2010

[English Version]International Corn Foundation Grants Scholarship to Poor Students in Kandal Province

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International Corn Foundation Grants Scholarship to Poor Students in Kandal Province

KOICA News Release: translated from Local Newspaper
Rasmei Kampuchea Daily Newspaper
Year 18, Nº 5156, Sunday-Monday, March 21-22, 2010

Kandal: According to Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Cambodia, the International Corn Foundation (IFC), in the morning March 19, 2010, granted scholarship to 50 poor students—from grade 1 to 6—who have been studying at Pothe-Prek Primary School locates in Banteay Dek Commune, Kean Svay District, Kandal Province.

His Excellency Lee Kyung soo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, KOICA Representative, and the International Corn Foundation went to grant scholarship directly to the poor students at the Bantey Dek Agriculture Experimental Station in Kandal Province with the participation of the Agriculture Officials and the students’ parents.

Mr. Chen Chandara, Director of Pothe-Prek Primary School, told Rasmei Kampuchea that the school has 413 students including 50 poorest students to get scholarship of 200,000.00  Riels each. This is the first time that his school gets this such scholarship.

Mr. Kim Samnang (Shoo Kvon Kim), Director of ICF said that this is the second time that ICF grants scholarship. In 2009, ICF granted scholarship to 15 students for one year. Continuously, IFC is pursuing to help the children.

On the same day, at the Banteay Dek Agriculture Experimental Station, beside the Scholarship Granting Ceremony, Korean Embassy, KOICA, ICF and Agriculture Officials visited Corn Crossbreeding Station and Experiment which is working to produce good seeds which are immune to weather and bacteria for contributing to farmers in the future.

Regarding to this corn crossbreeding and experimental station, Mr. Prak Cheat Tho, Deputy Director General of Directorate of Agriculture reported to Rasmei Kampuchea that Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ICF for 70 years in 2005. This cooperation focuses on research studies for corn crossbreeding to select the corn seeds that are immune to weather and disease. This crossbreeding is scientific breeding that does not use any chemical substances.

Mr. Cheat Tho added that after crossbreeding and experiment for several years, now we received a new species called Hybrid that is big and immune to the disease, and the weather in Cambodia.

Mr. Nov Thong, technical official of management and research at the Banteay Dek Agriculture Experimental Station said that in 2011 we will announce about this Hybrid corn seed to people and farmers. At the present, Experimental Station is testing this corn seed in farms of different provinces. If the result is good, then we will announce to use this seed generally.

Related to the experimental cultivation of this corn seed, Mr. Thong said that we have experimented for over 5 years; in each year we planted two times. We selected many kinds of corn seed from different countries such as China, Korea, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and Nepal.

It should be reminded that before Banteay Dek Agriculture Experimental Station was support by Hungary, and IFC of Korea began its support in 2005.


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