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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Voluntary Team of Korean Doctors and Nurses Provides Free Medical Service to People in Kampong Province (English Version)

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Translation of News Released on Local Newspaper

Raksmei Kampuchea Daily Newspaper

Year 17, volume 4982, Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mobile: Mr. Yin Leangkong, reporter, 012 989297, leangkongyin@yahoo.com

Voluntary Team of Korean Doctors and Nurses Provides Free Medical Service to People in Kampong Province

Kampong Cham: A group of 20 Korea Overseas Volunteers provided medical service for free to the people at Phum Kvet pagoda on Saturday, August 22, 2009 in Kvet village, Tang Krosang commune, Batheay district, Kampong Cham province.

Among the 20 volunteers, there were 6 doctors in the fields of pediatric, internal medicine and surgery, 3 nurses and others KOV who has been working for certain governmental institutions in Cambodia. This treatment were initiated by two volunteers who has been working on rural development activities in Batheay district by inviting other friend KOVs, especially those who are working in health sector to voluntarily provide treatment to the people in their target areas during weekend.

According to Dr. Oh Dae Song, one of team member and the current voluntary pediatric doctor working for Kampong Chhnang Referral Hospital, the total number of patients was 129 who came from Kvet village and the nearby villages of Tang Krosang commune. The diseases found among the patients are stomach and intestine problem, hypertension, respiratory system and skin problems or wound. Most of the adults and the elders had stomach and/or intestine problem, while most children were facing the problem of respiratory system. All of the patients were properly consulted and given free medicines with clear records for later following up. There were 2 minor surgeries for 2 children at the site as well.

Mr. Kim Sung Sik, the team leader and a KOV working for Prey Veng Provincial Training Center said that this event was the fourth of the monthly medical services for the people in Tang Krosang commune, starting from May 2009 and it would continue forward if the people still needed them and no change in the plan. He added that the events are mainly supported by KOICA in term of transpiration, medicines and medical materials. However, they voluntarily contributed their own money to cover items like food and other small expenses to ensure the smoothness of their implementation.

Regarding health issues, Mr. Nheb Nheat, vice chief of Kvet village said the people were poor and their understandings about health issues were still limited. Therefore, they were not so care about proper medical treatment which was a cause of death and badly effected health. He added that this medical service was not just to provide medical service to the people, but it may impact the people behavior to put more attention on proper medical treatment.


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