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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Republic of Korea continually dispatches another 7 volunteers to work in Cambodia

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Phnom Penh, 03rd Sep 2013:

Upon the request from Cambodia and the effectiveness of KOV program, republic of Korea continually dispatches another 7 volunteers to fulfill their humanitarian mission for 2 years under facilitation of Korea Overseas Volunteer Program of Korea International Cooperation Agency-KOICA Cambodia Office. They arrive in Phnom Penh International Airport at nigh of 02nd Sep 2013. This is the 41st of KOV volunteer since this program has been established in 2003.

Mr. Lee Jin Woo, Manager of KOV program said that “This group consists of 7 volunteers who will be officially dispatched to work in 7 different host organizations such Pursat Provincial Training Center, Cambodia Korean Cooperation Center in Phnom Penh, University of Battambang and Department of Education Youth and Sport in 4 provinces such Ratanakiri, Pursat, Kampot and Takeo. They will contribute their skill such Korean language education, Tourism, Music Education, Science Education, and Preschool Education.

From now on, they will participate in local training program in Phnom Penh for 2 months which included conducting On the Job Training-OJT and doing home stay with local people. This program focuses on intensive Khmer language training, attaining necessary information on Cambodian’s life, and understand socioeconomic, cultural and political situation in Cambodia. This will help them to easily adapt to their working environment in the localities during their mission.

KOVs program provides technical assistance of Korea by dispatching volunteer to live and work together with local communities in Cambodia and to make practical contributions to socio-economic development. This program provides not only human resources but also fulfills significant needs of host organization following conduct need assessment of volunteer. Additionally, all KOVs forms a humanitarian team named Soksabay who very often conducted humanitarian activities such repair the school, provide medical service to vulnerable people in its target area​s that need their help in weekend and their holiday.

Remarkably, since 2003 more than 300 KOVs are dispatched through KOICA to work in significant fields such as Education, Health Care, and Rural Development and they achieved many remarkable outcomes and impacts. Therefore, with their skills and mission, KOICA believes that these 7 volunteers as well as the existing 83 volunteers who are actively working in Cambodia are playing important role catalysts contributing to Korea’s grant aid program and assistance for socioeconomic development​​​​ as well as enhancing mutual understanding between the two countries, Cambodia- Korea.

The original article and picture provided by Mr. Sao Dona, Email: saodonainfo@gmail.com


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