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Monday, March 25, 2013

The New USAID Director Pledges to Strengthen Cooperation on Health Sector in Cambodia

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The New USAID Director Pledges to Strengthen Cooperation on Health Sector in Cambodia 

Daily Update from Local Newspapers
March 21, 2013
  Phnom Penh:
The new USAID Mission Director for Cambodia Mrs. Rebecca Black pledged to continue strengthening cooperation on health sector in Cambodia. During yesterday meeting with the Minister of Health H.E. Mom BunHeng, Mrs. Rebecca Black said she was very pleased to see Cambodia has received many achievements such as reducing the rate of maternal and infant mortality as well as the rate of HIV spreading. She added that the USAID will further strengthen cooperation and provide humanitarian assistance to Cambodia so as to improve the health sector better.

According to H.E. Mom BunHeng, Cambodia has already been achieved the 5th Millennium Development Goal calls for improving maternal health as well as the achievement of Goal 6 in combating HIV, malaria and other diseases. In addition, Cambodia also has been presented with a Millennium Development Goals Award for its national leadership and commitment. Cambodia is recognized for efforts on HIV that have contributed to a decline in HIV prevalence from an estimated 2 percent (among adults aged 15-49) in 1998. Besides, Cambodia has also achieved the universal access target for treatment with over 90 percent of adults and children who in need of anti-retroviral therapy (ART), due to the expansion of the Continuum of Care program established in 2003. (Rasmei Kampuchea, 21 March)


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