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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

handover ceremony on integrated rural development project in Kroch Chma district, Kampong Cham province

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Photo: Hort Sroeu, KOICA Cambodia Office
Kampong Cham: On July 01, 2012, KOICA Cambodia Office and the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) co-organized a handover ceremony on integrated rural development project in Kroch Chma district, Kampong Cham province, which was the result and activity of 21-month project from August 2010 to April 2012. Locations for the project implementation are village 5, 6 and 7 in Roka Khnor commune, Kroch Chma district, Kampong Cham. The project is designed with the aims at testing integrated rural development in the 3 villages, providing case study and model strategy for rural poverty reduction, strengthening village chiefs’ capacity in making implementation plan and evaluating rural development project by themselves as well as integrating and implementing new agricultural techniques to increase profit.
News Release: Translation from Rasmei Kampuchea Daily Newspaper on July 2, 2012
Main Point mentioned about KOICA:
  • This reservoir is a natural lake. With the support from KOICA, the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) rehabilitated this lake.
  • The reservoir surrounded by 4.78 km of dam with 2 meters height and 4 meters width. The total area of the reservoir is 108 ha, with 3 water gates, 2.59 km irrigation cannels, 3 culverts, plus 2 roads (1.96 km length and 5 meters width).
  • Currently, this reservoir covers up to 800 ha of crops and paddy rice.


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