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Monday, May 21, 2012

South Korea helps install stations of solar energy system for green development in Cambodia

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Koh Sla: South Korea on May 17 helped 2.2 million US dollars finance to install two stations of solar energy system which could produce 60kliowats and 40 kilowats power capacity to improve the living conditions in areas of koh sla in kampot province and Kulen of siem reap province respectively. 

At the opening ceremony of solar power station at Koh Sla, Minister of Industry, mine and energy of Cambodia, his Excellency, Suy Sem said: “the assistance plays very important role for Cambodians and especially for villagers this area and Kulen and it also will help reduce poverty for our people and upgrade their living conditions.” “It also contributes to green development in the country,” minister added. 

Minister notes the station in Koh Sla development center will help over 300 Cambodian families and in Kulen area, 124 families get the benefit from the solar power station. South Korean side also donated over 300 batteries for local villagers in Koh Sla development center and villagers could take their batteries to charge here for free of charge. Minister adds: Most of villagers here are retired and disabled soldiers’ families and they got houses and a plot of agricultural land from government’s development policy. 

“I am so happy and personally thank for South Korean people and the government who offered a battery and the solar power station here,” Kim Yat, a Primary school teacher in koh sla said, adding that the price of charging the batteries here was worth about 2000 riels. “Now it helps reduce burden of difficulties in families.” she said, adding that power from batteries is being used for lighting in the househols and tv, and radio sets, she said. Ambassador of republic of korea to cambodia, his excellency Kim Han soo said: we are trying to assist cambodians through development aid in the construction of other infrastructures.” and here we help the renewable energy project for koh sla villagers and our development aid focuses on health, rural development, infrastructure and human resource development.” “today we have good cooperation and diplomatic ties and it is “very constructive” for our ties, ambssador notes. 

Solar power system will help reduce climate change on earth and push the green development in the country. (END)


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