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Thursday, December 22, 2011

South Korea’s Aid over US$ 7 million for Construction of Human Resource Development Centre in Cambodia

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H.E. Mr. Chang Hojin at the Ground Breaking Ceremony. Picture from KOICA Cambodia Office
Korean government through KOICA has provided Cambodia with over US$7 million for the construction of Cambodia-Korea friendship building in the vicinity of Royal University of Phnom Penh. The building consisting of 3 floors and total area of 3,470 meters is under construction on 5,457 m² plot of land with the construction period from October 2011 to December 2012 costing US$7.45 million. Addressing yesterday at foundation stone ceremony, Rector Lav Chhiv Eav indicated that, Cambodia has proposed this project to Korea since 2007 but the building feasibility study just started in 2010. This construction aims at building capacity to develop human resource in Cambodia in response to the critical needs of market economy and to enrich knowledge and skills of RUPP’s lecturers, staffs, government officials and students. Meanwhile, H.E. Mr. Chang Hojin stated that, under the leading of PM Hun Sen, Cambodia could retrieve political and social stability and remarkable development as a consequence of government’s endeavors in developing the four core sectors: agriculture, tourism, garment and construction plus creating employment, expanding market and strengthening security. As being a good development partner, Korea has so far made wholehearted contribution to the acceleration of Cambodia’s development. The construction is to achieve 2 objectives: 1) educational and human resource development is the most vital factor for Cambodia to strengthen industrialization and national competition and is also one of Cambodia’s development projects, and 2) the inflow of human resource development from worldwide must be in consistency with personal capacity development of populations throughout the country. Therefore, the capacity strengthening throughout the country and institutions is the pivotal goal. (Rasmei Kam.)


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