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Monday, November 21, 2011

Busan Provides 8 Firefighter Cars to Phnom Penh

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            Busan provided 8 firefighter and emergency rescue cars through H.E. Mr. Kep Chutema, Phnom Penh Municipal Governor during his 4-day visit there from 17 to 20th November. In addition, he also held discussion with Busan municipal governor about the boosting the effective implementation of MOU on establishing the sister cities affiliation between the municipality of Phnom Penh and the Busan Metropolitan city signed in June 2009. Mr. Kep Chutema decorated 3 medals for some dignitaries in Busan including Busan Governor, Mr. Hur Nam-Sik, who was awarded Commander Royal Order Sahametrei. Busan is known to have sent its volunteer physicians and medicines to provide free medical treatment for Cambodian people in August 2010 and granted scholarships for Phnom Penh officials to attend short courses in Busan related to public administration management, port management system and cultural exchange and so forth. (Rasmei Kam, 22 November 2011.)


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