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Monday, August 29, 2011

KOICA Official: South Korean- Cambodian Cooperation Increases gradually

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AKP Phnom Penh August 29, 2011–
The development cooperation between the Republic of South Korea and Cambodia is increasing gradually from year to year, said an official of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

The comment was made by PhD. Mr. Shin Eui Cheol, director of KOICA, during his speech last Friday in Phnom Penh at the third workshop of the experience exchange of the former Cambodian students and workers from the Republic of South Korea. Cambodia is an important partner country of the Republic of South Korea regarding the development projects in which KOICA is working closely with Cambodian partner both in training and volunteer projects, he added.

The volume of the cooperation has been increased from year to year, notably in 2010 the grant aid from the Republic of South Korea reaches US$ 68 million, including 28 development projects and 1,630 Cambodian students have been sent to study in South Korea while 251 Korean volunteers had been sent to work in Cambodia, he said.
The continuation and the further strengthening of the cooperation between the Republic of South Korea and Cambodia is essential for Cambodia will be certainly a beneficiary of the cooperation and ultimately Cambodia can develop the country by themselves, thus required great effort in improving human resources, especially Cambodian officials who has been studied in South Korea and return to the country to work together in development projects in Cambodia for the common goal, he said.

In reply, Mr. Seng Setha, president of the Cambodia-South Korea Association of the former students and workers from South Korea, said the workshop was very important and providing an opportunity to share information and experiences that the Cambodian get from their study in the republic of South Korea and it was also a fruitful result of the development cooperation between the two countries, he said.

The workshop also set up a network for the group of the Cambodia technicians from different institutions and departments who had been studied in South Korea, he said.



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