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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Samdech Prime Minister allows a Meeting with Former Minister of the Republic of Korea

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Daily Update from local newspaper
March 09, 2011

Samdech Prime Minister allows a Meeting with Former Minister of the Republic of Korea

Samdech Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia allowed Korean delegation led by H.E. Mr. Oh Myung, a former deputy prime minister of the Republic of Korea and is a director of WOONGJIN ENERGY Company and also a director of Korea Institute of High Technology to pay a courtesy calls in the morning of March 08, 2011 at Peace Building of the Office of the Council of Minister. 

Mr. Eang Sophally, assistant to Prime Minister said that H.E. Mr. Oh Myung infromed Samdech Prime Minister that he had a meeting with Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Cambodia as well as meeting met with Director General of NIDA, and has noticed that Cambodia has many young human resources, especially on technology system sector. So far Korea mainly focused on technology system, which this technology system attracted more incomes for Korea more than $40 thousands per year. Anyways, this technical system leads Korea to become the leading country and as a main factor for Korean Economy.

H.E. has suggested Samdech Prime Minister to help Cambodia in this sector, especially in preparing the main project on this technology, and H.E. also informed Samdech Prime Minister about the national road number 3 construction project, which has been constructing by WOONGJIN ENERGY Company, and plan to finish the project by June 2011, but this project will be finished soon before Khmer New Year Day.

         Samdech Techo Hun Sen has responded with thanks to Korean government and Korean people that focus in supporting Cambodia, especially on the project to construct the national road number 3 as this road quite important for transportation as well as other businesses. For Technical System, Samdech expressed welcome and suggested Korea side to help Cambodia to integrate private and state technical systems which these two have not been connected, so suggested Korea and NIDA to learn and insert the main project and other projects to get more advantages and potential with highly effective from the system which already existed.


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