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Thursday, January 6, 2011


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[The press release was published in Koh Santepheap Dail, dated 5th January 2011, Vol. 44, No. 7154]

Phnom Penh: “The project for developing teaching materials and providing training to teachers for strengthening the quality of preschool education in Cambodia” began in late December 2010 to bring benefits to 120 kindergarten teachers from Phum Kdei kindergarten of Kampong Thom province, Punleur Kuma kindergarten of Stueng Treng province, 12 Makara kindergarten of Kampong Chhnang province, and Tiruom Khet kindergarten of Koh Kong province, along with the total number of 4,000 kindergarten school children aged 3-5 year old. 
As a part of the effort to diversify and extend Korean volunteer program, KOICA headquarter in Seoul has offered an approval letter for the project implementation to Ms. Kim Gyunhee, Ms. Kang Eun Hee, Ms. Jung Kukyung, and Ms. Lee So Yeon. The four KOICA volunteers has lots of experience working in Cambodia in which they have provided their assistance in the area of preschool education in respective kindergartens in the four provinces above.

The project is aimed at improving teaching materials and providing training to kindergarten teachers for strengthening the quality of preschool education in Cambodia. Four major objectives will be achieved within a six-month project term: (1) improving study materials used for educating about health care and hygiene issues, for educating about basic living habits, and for music class and art class; (2) providing more training to local kindergarten teachers; (3) providing teaching materials and documents; and (4) monitoring effectiveness of the project through survey, interview, and observation.

The study materials will be utilized in a course on hygiene issues and basic learning, a course on music and method of doing exercise, a course on painting, and a course on piano teaching. Through the improvement of study materials and the provision of practical training to kindergarten teachers, on one hand, a major expected outcome of the project will be made through knowledge sharing with Cambodian kindergarten teachers who will be equipped with an effective and efficient teaching methodology important for pre-school education and care on children’s development. Through the education about hygiene issues and good living habit, on the other hand, another major expected outcome shall be produced to help school children to adopt good living habit, which could protect them from various disease transmissions.
KOICA-Cambodia has introduced another way of delivering grant aid to host organizations in Cambodia. At this time, grant aid will be provided through in-place development of human resources at host organizations, which gives more value to the way of grant aid provision, compared to the way of grant aid provision in development and infrastructure sector in which Official Development Assistance (ODA) with tangible assets is the main focus. During a two-year fixed term of working with host organizations, notably, all the KOICA volunteers can make proposals for project implementation for the development and improvement in host organizations when key findings indicate that a specific aspect at the host organization is necessarily needed for improvement.


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