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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

62 Government’s Institutions Meet in Phnom Penh to Boost Korea’s Volunteer Program in English Version

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62 Government’s Institutions Meet in Phnom Penh to Boost Korea’s Volunteer Program

Translated from local newspaper “KOH SANTEPHEAP DAILY, No 7091 Year 43” released on 23-24 October 2010

Up to 62 government’s institutions that are KOICA’s current partners hosting Korea Overseas Volunteers met at “The 2010 Host Organization Meeting” on Friday, October 22, 2010 at Imperial Garden Villa and Hotel in Phnom Penh and spend the whole day finding better way to boost KOICA’s Korea Overseas Volunteers program in Cambodia.

The purpose of this meeting is to collect every single idea which is indispensible for upgrading Korea Overseas Volunteers Program in Cambodia to be effective, efficient and extensive and to become a program that provide significant contribution to the development effort of Royal Government of Cambodia. During the meeting, all participants join the forum to share their best practices and constructive ideas with KOICA and other participants for the improvement of their respective sectors.

The 62 participants are from local and national government’s institutions under 5 ministries: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports; Ministry of Health; Ministry of Rural Development; Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training; and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; from 18 capital and provinces across Cambodia.

Be noted that since 2003, KOICA has been dispatching up to 241 Korean volunteers to Cambodia to mostly work voluntarily for local institutions of Royal Government of Cambodia. They come to share expertise, knowledge, and experience in order to make practical contributions to the socio-economic development in Cambodia. Moreover, those volunteers are the important part of Korea's grant aid program, since they strengthen the impact of Korea's foreign aid, and enhances mutual understanding between Korea and its partner countries by expanding opportunities for Korean people to take part in Korea’s growing development assistance programs.

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) was founded as a government agency in 1991, to maximize the effectiveness of Korea's grant aid programs for developing countries by implementing the government's grant aid and technical cooperation programs. KOICA aims to make a better world by helping to achieve the MDGs and promoting equitable and sustainable development in our partner countries. KOICA also seeks to actively participate in the global efforts to enhance the capacity of nations and Individuals to overcome poverty and improve their quality of life.

In Cambodia, KOICA has its country assistance strategy that helps Royal Government of Cambodia achieve its national development goals, by integrating its strategy with Cambodia’s National Strategic Development Plan, and the government’s Rectangle Strategy. KOICA focuses on the development of 4 priority sectors—rural development, health, education, and infrastructure.


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