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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Provides Physical Training and Taikwando to Police Bodyguard

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News Release: translate from local newspaper
Raksmei Kampuchea Daily Newspaper:
Year 18 Volume 5203, Friday, May 21, 2010
The article in Khmer can download here: The article in Khmer
Picture1: Bodyguard Police Officers in Taikwando Uniform.

Picture2: Image of the Open Ceremony on Physical Training and Taikwando to bodyguards.

Physical training and Taikwando batch 1 to National Police Unit of the Department of Bodyguard commenced on May 19, 2010.

In 6-month training, there are 46 participants to attend this physical training. The training is divided in to two teams, team who know a little and team who not yet know about Taikwando. Two Korean trainers and two Cambodian trainers are in charge of this training.

Lesson to train and study, including history of World Taikwando, background of Cambodian Taikwando, benefit of Taikwando training, techniques, the way of using terminology in Taikwando and the conclusion of Taikwando into basic foundation of Armed Force unit, especially National Police Armed Force of the Bodyguard Department.

Training of the open technique and physical technique of hands and feet and technique in the real combat.

General, Mok Samoul, Deputy Director of Bodyguard Department told Raksmei Kampuchea that bodyguards have duties to secure the security of the high ranking leading officials, both national and international. In this case, they must have good physical health and some basic knowledge about Taikwando.

For year 2010, H.E. General confirmed that we will open this training for two sections this year.

He added that, though it belongs to Department of Bodyguard, however, he accepted to train officers from other departments such as Royal Armed Force Unit, Police Military with free of charge for the period of two years.

All trainees will be trained two times in one day, and each time is half an hour.

Mr. Choi Yong sok, National Taikwando trainer is the initiative to open this training to the Bodyguard Police Officers.

It should be noticed that, 3-star General, Thong Lim, Director of Central Security Department attended in this ceremony as well.


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