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Monday, December 14, 2009

The News Release about the Installation of National Geodetic Control Points in Cambodia (English Version)

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KOICA News Release: trainslation from local newspaper
Koh Santepheap Daily: Year 42, Volume 6827, Thursday, December 10, 2009
The News Release about the Installation of National Geodetic Control Points in Cambodia

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Kandal: On December 09, 2009 at the Department of Land Management, Urban Planning, Construction and Cadastre of Kandal Province, there was a handover ceremony of the results of the project for the Installation of National Geodetic Control Points in Cambodia which is the grant aids project of the government of the Republic of Korea through Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). The ceremony was presided over by H.E. Im Chhun Lim, Senior Minister, Minister of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, and with the participation from Korean site including H.E. Lee Kyung-soo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the Kingdom of Cambodia, Mr. Vice president of KOICA, the Mr. Representative of KOICA office in Cambodia, H.E. governor and deputy governor of provices and city, H.E. Secretary and Under Secretary of State, and General Directors from all relevant ministries.

H.E. Lee Kyung-soo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the Kingdom of Cambodia stated at the ceremony that this project is the third project that was supported by KOICA after the last 2 project successfully implemented in 2004 and 2006 respectively. The 3-month long and 2.5 million USD project started in December 2007 and produced such results as the installation of 155 first-level interrelated posts across Cambodia, 7 zero level posts, and the installation of 3 GNSS/CORS-Global Navigation Satellite System/Continuous Operational Reference Stations in Kandal, Siem Reap and Kratie province.

Mr. Cho Woon Ho, Vice President of KOICA, at the ceremony, appreciated the result of the project which is another symbol of the strengthening of the relationship between the 2 countries. He added that these National Geodetic Control Points will be a base for geodetic control point system which will finally lead to the geographical statistic information system for the highly effective land development and management in Cambodia.

Stating at the ceremony, H.E. Minister Im Chhun Lim highly appreciated the result of the project, especially the training during the project implementation to transfer modern technology from Korean technician to 50 related management and technical officials, which is the important goal of the cooperation as stipulated in the memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, and The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, of Korea during the visit of Samdech Akkak Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, to the Republic of Korea in June 2009. He added that the achievement, especially the building of topographic digital maps of Phnom Penh, Preah Sihanouk and Siem Reap provinces, and the creation of master plan for geographical data organization, which was principally approved by KOICA, and which will be implemented basing on the result of this project, has really been contributing to the extension and the strengthening of the cooperation between the 2 countries, the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Republic of Korea.

To repay to KOICA and the company who worked very hard to push the project toward this positive result, Mr. Senior Minister awarded Mr. Kim Byung-gwan, representative of KOICA office in Cambodia the Saha Metrei Thnak Thipadin award, Mr. Cho Sung Tae the Sahak Metrei Thnak Moha Sena award, and Mr. Kang Moon Sun, representative and project officer of Samboo Engineering Co.Ltd of Korea the Sahak Metrei Thnak Isarith


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